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**7 in 1 Winged Sirius Extra Large INDEXED Bamboo Wood Chopping Board (42cmX34cmX3.5cm) Set with 6 Coloured Food Coded PP Mats - Chef's Choice to Avoid Cross Contamination of Food.

**7 in 1 Winged Sirius Extra Large INDEXED Bamboo Wood Chopping Board (42cmX34cmX3.5cm) Set with 6 Coloured Food Coded PP Mats - Chef's Choice to Avoid Cross Contamination of Food.
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Manufacturer Description

Why Choose Extra Large Winged Sirius Chopping Board set with 6 PP mats?

Are you using the same surface to chop all types of meat, fruits, and vegetables?
Are you chopping directly on Bamboo or any Wooden surface?
Are you chopping on colorful but cheap hazardous plastic boards?
Does your chopping board slip during chopping?

SAY GOODBYE TO ALL THESE PROBLEMS AND SAY YES TO cooking tasty, healthy and cross contamination free food by choosing Winged Sirius Large Chopping Board with 6 PP Mats

Bamboo Chopping Board:

Extra Large size 42cm x 34cm x 3.5cm.
Anti-slip rubber stands give perfect balance and prevent slippage while cutting
Heavy design, sturdy and harder than other wooden cutting and chopping boards
Organic and Eco-friendly

6 polypropylene polymer (PP) mats

Color-Coded for different food types to prevent cross contamination and ensure your food is tasty and healthy.
Not a cheap plastic therefore non-hazardous.
Flexible for easy food disposal, transfer, and cleaning.
Dishwasher and detergent Safe
Provides a perfect surface for chopping and prevent knife blunts.
Cross textured lower surface prevents slippage on the chopping board.

Additional features:

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-fungal: Prevents mold or bacterial growth because Bamboo chopping board is not in direct contact with food & moisture
Health: 6 color-coded PP mats prevent food contamination.
Safety: Anti-Slip Rubber Stands to provide perfect balance and prevent slippage.
Storage: All mats can be conveniently stacked underneath the chopping board.
Durability: Bamboo is 24% stronger than maple and most other woods.

LIFETIME BAMBOO BOARD REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE* & 30 Days 100% Money Back Product Guarantee.

Product Features

Anti-Bacterial Bamboo wood is world known for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. You can have a complete peace of mind that your chopping board will never be bacteria infected like other wood or plastic chopping boards. These properties also make this chopping board odour resistant. Anti-Slip Rubber Stands This bamboo wood chopping board comes with four rubber stands to prevent slippage while using. This will ensure your safety and make chopping easier for you. Includes 6 PP Food Mats Comes with 6 PP food colored mats, these mats are treated with special coating to minimize scratches and perform for long term. It has two sides, top side is used for chopping and is smooth and does not blunt your knives. The bottom side is textured to provide maximum friction and strong grip so that mat does not slip off the board. These mats can be conveniently cleaned and stored inside the chopping board with a hassle. Money Back Guarantee We are so much sure about our product quality to satisfy you that we are offering 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. Now you can buy this product without losing anything. Replaceable mats available : You can buy replaceable mats from amazon if you want an extra set as our board is extra durable and would have a really long life .