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G18 Global Filleting Knife -24cm

By: Global
G18 Global Filleting Knife -24cm
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Manufacturer Description

"If you're searching for the perfect filleting knife for use with bigger types of fish then look no further, this G-18 24cm Filleting Knife from GLOBAL KNIVES is perfect for you. Crafted from the highest quality CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, this knife is ergonomically designed to make food preparation easier than ever. The knife features the classic GLOBAL black dots on the hollow handle, weighted with sand to maintain perfect balance in use. Also boasting an elegant, slick design, the G-18 is a perfect gift for any knife fanatics. Using the finest materials, the revolutionary design of Global Knives has won numerous awards and have become firm favourites of both chefs and home enthusiasts the world over. You've invested in a quality knife, and with the correct care it will last a lifetime. Wash your knife immediately after use in warm water - do not put them in a dishwasher. Furthermore, after washing dry with a soft cloth. It is recommended to sharpen your knives regularly using a Minosharp or Global Sharpener. A truly premium set of knives made for every occasion, Global Knives should be your first choice because of their impeccable construction and elegant design."

Product Features

Blade Length: 24cm