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Iridescent Rainbow Coloured Knife Set - Full Range of Sizes/Types: Paring, All Purpose, Santoku, Chef, Bread, Carving. by Taylors Eye Witness

Iridescent Rainbow Coloured Knife Set - Full Range of Sizes/Types: Paring, All Purpose, Santoku, Chef, Bread, Carving. by Taylors Eye Witness

Manufacturer Description

Looking for a commercial grade, restaurant quality, long-lasting and uber stylish knife set? You've found it!

The petrol-like sheen on the lustrous blades, coupled with the over-moulded ergonomically designed handles scream sophistication. The inbuilt bolster (safety finger guard/protector) protects the knuckles, making them ideal for dicing, cutting, mincing, boning & skinning.

With their razor sharp, finely ground blades, they're a perfect all-round team. The paring knife is ideal for piercing and slicing fruit/tomatoes/vegetables. The all-purpose knife is used for most kitchen tasks, like chopping and slicing. The japanese shun-style santoku makes light work of meat/turkey/steak and can even cut through butternut squash or watermelon with ease. It has special divots/dimples to prevent food from sticking, reduce drag and increase chopping speed, so you can cut like a pro. There is also a knife block in the range.

Product Features

? HIGH SPECIFICATION RAZOR SHARP BLADE - Taylors Eye Witness Greenwich range forged from steel and each blade is coated or plated with titanium nitride; a thin ceramic coating used to harden and protect the sharpest cutting surfaces. Difficult to blunt, easy to sharpen. An essential kitchen aid for preparing dinner. A wide range of knives for every job is available in the selection. ? BRIGHT, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL BASICS: The unique multi-colour rainbow design of these tools, together with the assortment of multi-coloured handles are sure to brighten up your kitchen and wow your friends with their varying iridescent pastel combinations of green, gold, yellow, pink, purple, blue, orange, aquamarine and red. If unicorns had knives...! You won't find a prettier multipurpose complete utensils collection to show off your culinary cooking skills! ? 2 YEAR GUARANTEE - Sheffield-based Taylor's Eye Witness has over 150 year's experience in kitchen tool-making and uses but the finest, highest quality materials and workmanship. We are so confident in our knives that we offer a 'No Quibble' 2 year guarantee. If in the unlikely event that your professional knife set/cutlery should become defective, we will repair or replace it for up to 2 years from the purchase date. You needn't look anywhere else. ? NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE: Putting the holographic rainbow reflective blade aside, the contemporary sleek, stylish handle is not simply for aesthetics; it's ergonomically designed for good grip & comfort even after prolonged use, highly hygienic & keeps you in command to control the thickness of each slice. Cuts precise laser thin slices right or left-handed. And is a sure-grip handle, so you remain in control, even when your hands are wet. Also anti-rust/corrosion-resistant. ? DISHWASHER SAFE - The metal has been designed and made for its ability to resist rust and is non-stick, making it easy to clean. This general purpose, multifunctional set is dishwasher safe too. Best use on wooden/plastic board. Also available with block or as single knives. Would make an excellent classic wedding/anniversary present or starter home gift. Right or left-handed.