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Kai Shun Classic Gokujo 6" Boning Knife DM-0743

Kai Shun Classic Gokujo 6" Boning Knife DM-0743
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Manufacturer Description

The Shun series of chef's knives is one of the most comprehensive damask steel series worldwide and highly appreciated by top class professionals as well as ambitious hobby chefs. Shun professional chef's knives are made from specific stainless damask steel with 32 layers. The core layer is made from VG MAX steel. This is an extremely hard (61±1 HRC, 1.0% carbon, 1.5% cobalt) and corrosion-resistant steel that gives the blade a sharpness that is second to none. The convex cut of the blade together with the manual honing of each Shun knife delivers an unrivalled sharpness that allows the knife to cut through even the toughest material. This sharpness together with the well-balanced weight of the knife makes for tireless work. Each Shun knife gets its unique and individual character by refining the natural beauty of the damask grain. This way every Shun knife is unmistakable and unique - a piece of art, united by craftsmanship, technology and design. Inspired by the masterful art of Samurai swords the technique for manufacturing the finest chef's knives enables the Shun series even to deliver knives with western blade shapes. Designed for boning and filleting fish, the gokujo boning knife can also be used on poultry and small joints of meat as it is capable of efficiently and safely separate meat from joints and tendons. The blade is rigid. The blade length is 15cm (6").

Product Features

DM-0743 Gokujo boning knife Blade 6.0" / 15,0 cm, Handle 11,2 cm Gift Boxed