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Premium Organic Bamboo Chopping Board by Harcas. Extra Large Size Cutting Board 45cm x 30cm x 2cm. Best for Meat, Vegetables and Cheese. Professional Grade for Strength and Durability. Drip Groove

Premium Organic Bamboo Chopping Board by Harcas. Extra Large Size Cutting Board 45cm x 30cm x 2cm. Best for Meat, Vegetables and Cheese. Professional Grade for Strength and Durability. Drip Groove
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Manufacturer Description

Looking for the perfect chopping board that will make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable? We have it here with the Harcas Organic Bamboo Chopping Board! This chopping board is made from high quality bamboo that gets top points for durability, eco-friendliness and food safety, while adding touches of elegance and class to your kitchen.

The Harcas Bamboo Chopping Board lets you:

Prepare food safely and efficiently. Our Bamboo Cutting Board is an environmental conscious choice for your cooking essentials. Bamboo is well-known for its ability to replenish itself in just a year, with minimal water and no harmful pesticides making it safe for all your meal preparation and serving needs.

Prepare your food in style. A beautiful kitchen deserves a beautiful chopping board! The Harcas Bamboo Chopping board is the perfect alternative to cheap plastic cutting boards.

Durable & Antibacterial. We designed and created this chopping board using Bamboo because it is naturally antimicrobial and less porous compared to wood. This makes our bamboo cutting board less susceptible to bacteria and cross contamination. It is also lighter and less likely to warp, splinter or chip.

Easy to Maintain. To keep your cutting board in top condition simply wash with warm soapy water after use, dry thoroughly and on alternative occasions lightly rub in vegetable/olive oil to help maintain it and prolong its useful life.

Specifications of the Harcas Chopping Board:

- Organic premium bamboo
- Antibacterial
- Solid construction
- 19% harder than Maple
- Drip groove
- Size: 45cm x 30cm x 2cm

100% Risk Free Guarantee. Don't decide now, give the Harcas Bamboo Chopping Board a try... if the Harcas Bamboo Chopping Board don't live up to your high standards we will refund your money no questions asked!

Product Features

ULTRA STRONG, DURABLE, ATTRACTIVE, VERSATILE and lightweight construction made from 100% premium organic bamboo. Perfect for all your chopping, cutting and serving (perfect for serving and presenting bread, cheese and antipasti) needs in the kitchen. Great gift idea for weddings, housewarming, retirement, birthdays and Christmas gifts for ALL kitchen enthusiasts. NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL. Bamboo is naturally non-porous and resistant to bacteria. It's also very easy to clean! Unlike wooden cutting boards, the Harcas Bamboo Chopping Board doesn't absorb liquids easily and won't soak in food odours or stains making it less prone to cracking, warping and smelling. Non-toxic and FDA certified for use with food. WHY CHOOSE BAMBOO. Environmentalists choose bamboo cutting boards because they are ECO-FRIENDLY. Unlike trees, bamboo forests rejuvenates itself within 3 to 5 Years. Unlike Plastic, it is a biodegradable, sustainable and renewable resource that needs NO CHEMICALS to thrive or to be harvested. LONGER LASTING. Yes, the Harcas Bamboo Chopping board will last longer than most low-quality chopping boards. Bamboo boards are lighter than most wooden boards, but Extremely HARD AND DURABLE. In fact, it is 19% harder compared to Maple! It's dense enough for safe chopping, while soft enough to not cause knife damage. Designed for use by professional Chefs and home Cooking. BACKED BY OUR 365 DAY WARRANTY & 30 Day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We believe this is one of the best chopping boards out there, so we are offering such an amazing guarantee.