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Savisto Bamboo Chopping Boards | 3 Piece Wooden Cutting Board Set for Meat, Vegetables, Cheese & Bread

Savisto Bamboo Chopping Boards | 3 Piece Wooden Cutting Board Set for Meat, Vegetables, Cheese & Bread
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Manufacturer Description

Savisto Bamboo Chopping Board - Set of 3

Looking for some high-quality chopping boards to help you prepare your food swiftly and safely? You've come to the right place: Savisto's trio of wooden cutting boards make a superb addition to any kitchen!

High Quality Bamboo Construction

Savisto's chopping board set is made of bamboo, which is undoubtedly the best material for cutting boards. It is an extremely dense wood which does not absorb or retain water easily: this is very important, as it means bamboo will not warp or crack as easily as normal wood, nor will it absorb moisture and flavours from food as easily.

Versatile and Easy to Use

The fact you gain not one, not two, but three high-quality chopping boards means you can designate all three for different jobs! For example, one board can be reserved for breads and cheeses, one for fish, and one for meat - ensuring that you never cross-contaminate, and risk affecting the flavour of your meals! Ensuring a durable, lightweight and convenient way to prepare your food, Savisto's trio of bamboo chopping boards are a must-have purchase for any serious home cook. Treat yourself to them today!

Product Features

Set of 3 bamboo wood chopping boards from Savisto, designed to provide a safe, sturdy and reliable surface for preparing food upon. Bamboo is highly resistant to scratching and prevents knives from dulling as swiftly, enabling your utensils to stay sharper for longer! Perfect for cutting and preparing a wide variety of food, ranging from fish, fruit and vegetables to meat, bread and cheese. Circular cut-outs in the body of the chopping boards allow them to be hung up between use, ensuring an easy, tidy method of storage. Dimensions: Large: 38 x 29cm. Medium: 30 x 23cm. Small: 20 x 15cm. To clean: Hand wash with a mild detergent. Not dishwasher safe.